How to Celebrate your Child’s First Birthday when you live in a different state from family and friends?

One of the cons of living away from family and friends is not being able to share special moments with them. Since we couldn’t do a party: I still wanted to make it special for my son’s first birthday. So I planned a mini getaway for the family in Lake Tahoe. We decided on Lake Take because we wanted Lucas to experience his first time in the snow. (Spoiler alert- He hated the snow, but he enjoyed staying inside running around eating smores. The car drive was about 3-4 hours away. Lucas slept most of it.

Please check our video and see how we spent Lucas First Birthday.

Our First YouTube Video

I have decided to post this Pregnancy and Birth Story for our Beautiful son Lucas for many reasons. First and foremost because we want him to be able to view this in the future and realize how much we LOVE him. My husband and I have been through many setbacks in our first few years here in the Bay Area since moving here from New York. But all of that was taken off of our mind when we found out that I was pregnant with our little boy. This is just a first step in our journey hopefully and we just wanted to share our love for him with the world. Also we just wanted our family back home to be able to share in our world for just a few minutes and hopefully they will see how much this event meant for us. Thank You viewers for watching this and this will only be the beginning of our journey, there will be more to come!!!